Priyanka Gill
- Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Priyanka Gill leads on the content strategy. Her experience in lifestyle journalism combined with her passion for fashion was the impetous behind the brand.

Her vision of a content-led commerce platform powered by influencers and curators is at the heart of the eStylista concept. Ensuring that the content is intelligent, varied, and engaging, Priyanka has created a vivacious, and compelling voice for eStylista, which is seamlessly translated throughout the website. She combines her editorial expertise with entrepreneurial smarts to keep eStylista ahead of the curve. Her wide-reaching network of friends and contacts is tapped to ensure that the right people and brands are alingned with and support eStylista.

An alumua of Lady Sri Ram College in Delhi, she graduated with honours and then went on to contribute to The Guardian, The Independent, Travel + Leisure, Vogue India, Hello! Pakistan and Is is a cointrubuting Editor to Harper’s Bazaar India. As an investor, Priyanka works with early stage tech start-ups and food concepts, such as Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Campanja and Raptor.

Priyanka extends time and support to several charities. She co-chaired the Pratham UK gala in 2009-2010, raising over GBP 2 million for the charity. She also advises Akshayapatra UK and the Britsh Asian Trust. She is an advisory board member of the Savitri Wayney trust.

As a busy mother of two young children, Priyanka juggles a demanding family life with her passion for work and travel. Founding is her biggest challenge yet – it’s an expression of the social capital she accumulated over the years and her love for all things digital.

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